Privacy policy for Dirt Miner

The app “Dirt Miner” (Which will, for the rest of this document, be referred to as “the app” or “app”) has been developed by Hans Harck Tønning (who will, for the rest of this document, be named “us”, “we”, and “I”). We do not collect any data, except for the data that is a part of Apple’s own privacy Policy which you had to accept before downloading any apps.
We use Google AdMob for advertising in the app, due to this Google will collect some data about the users of the app‘s habits and/or devices. You can read more about it in AdMob’s own privacy policy.

This policy is effective from July 6th 2021.
Eventual updates to this policy, will be available on the app’s page on the Apple AppStore and/or here.

“Apple” and “AppStore” are a trademarks owned by “Apple Inc.”.
“Google” and “AdMob” are trademarks owned by “Alphabet Inc.”.